Food delivery – only during lockdown

Food ready for the fridge then the oven

TO PLace an order either visit or call 01268 422 464.

Why Food Delivery

During the lockdown, our cafe is not able to open. Rightly so. However we have a great new chef and he has experience with Deliveroo, helping put their menus together (ask him for a photo, he will love it…). We also now have a large part of the population not allowed to go out, even for food. We also have NHS staff working all hours, not able to go to places like McDonalds and even if supermarkets get back to normal, good food after long hours might be tough.

Even normal families will be adjusting to the new reality and homeschooling, other restrictions hitting home. We think we can help by offering food ready to put in the oven, much like other services that exist but are currently overwhelmed with demand.

We are offering a prepay service (no cash involved to create a risk), a delivery to the doorstep, no interaction and only staff working on it who fit the government rules. Our staff with dependents at risk are now at home, luckily we have our chef team able to work and prepared to help. We have other staff able to deliver, and prepared to do so given the distancing described above.

If at any stage we feel this is putting anyone at risk and there are better people to do this, we will stop. We will also prioritise those who need the service the most. As owners we have looked after elderly relatives as primary carers albeit in their own homes and making food for them to cook in the oven was a lifeline. Now as a family of 5 in lockdown we have another perspective.

We will vary the food as we can and will have the following ways to order:

– Over the phone (taking payment over the phone too)

– Over email (phoning to take payment or sending a payment link)

– Through our ResDiary page, which allows preorder and payment (we are trialling this ASAP)

Our menu in the first week is on social media and we will update here ASAP too. Portions will be roughly £5 with some delivery charges but waived for larger orders. We are starting production tomorrow and deliveries hopefully Thursday 24th March.